Wild Bison Slot Machine

Analysis of the Big Bad Bison Slot Machine

Slot machine themes based on the Great North American Plains are as popular as those based on Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, and the Luck of the Irish. Big Time Gaming’s Big Bad Bison slot continues a trend of developers transporting us to the plains and giving us the chance to interact with the gorgeous creatures that reside there.

Big Time Gaming is well-known as one of the most cutting-edge studios in the business; in our Big Bad Bison slot review, we’ll investigate whether or not they’ve come up with anything truly novel.

The Bison Is Back! Slot Machine Concept

Big Time Gaming’s Big Bad Bison follows the tried-and-true format of North American- and bison-themed slot games rather from attempting any radical innovations. The background of the game is a massive rock wall, which is both unremarkable and distracting.

The game grid for the slot machine is located in the centre of the screen, and it features various animals, including deer, eagles, wolves, and the game’s namesake bison, in its various places. The design isn’t really original, but the visuals are solid and it fits the genre nicely, so it’s enjoyable to watch.

As you spin the reels, a music reminiscent of a Spaghetti Western will play, effectively setting the tone. When the reels aren’t turning, the peaceful sounds of the prairie may be heard.

Mobile Slot Playing: Big Bad Bison

The Big Bad Bison slot game from Big Time Gaming was designed with portability in mind. The Big Bad Bison mobile slot operates in the same manner as the desktop version of the game thanks to its responsive design, which adapts to a variety of screen sizes.

Slot Machine Strategy for Big Bad Bison

Megaways was invented by Big Time Gaming, thus it seems sense that they would employ it in their Big Bad Bison slot. The game has six reels, each of which can show anywhere from two to seven icons. There are potentially 117,649 possible outcomes. The number of active Megaways is often shown above the reels in Megaways slots.

On the right side of the display, you can alter your stake from a minimum of $0.20 to a maximum of $10. For an additional 50 times your wager, you may purchase your way into the bonus rounds.

The Bonus Rounds of the Big Bad Bison Slot

Big Bad Bison’s wild multiplier is the game’s first real selling point. When a wild appears, it might increase your bet by up to five times. If this contributes to a winning combination, the payout will be increased by this amount.

The Big Bad Bison Free Spins bonus is the game’s primary extra feature. If you get three or more scatter symbols, this will happen. If you get three scatters, you get 12 free spins. Each bonus spin begins with at least 64 opportunities to win, and that number grows with each subsequent retrigger. Two additional scatters will restart the round. You’ll get four free rotations if you do this.

After the sixth retrigger, each spin will have the maximum possible 117,649 ways to win.

You may also access the bonus games via the Win Exchange feature. This is given to those who win between 25 and 50 times their initial wager. To trade this in for 12 spins, the player must first spin a gamble wheel.

Payouts, Maximum Bets, and Volatility in Big Bad Bison Slots

The mathematical model of Big Bad Bison stands true to the first portion of its name. The highest payout for this video slot is an amazing 67,640 times the initial wager. This is something you can win in the bonus games. The position is notorious for its unpredictability. The slot machine has a return to player percentage of 96.59%, which is higher than the standard return to player percentage of 96%.

Synopsis of Big Bad Bison Slot

Big Bad Bison from Big Time Gaming is one of the best slot games on bison and the North American Plains, although there are many other options. The game’s lack of originality is offset by the appealing prospect of victory. We have no qualms in recommending you give Big Bad Bison a spin at any of the best online casinos, as it has a fun free spins bonus as well as wild multipliers.

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